How can I get involved with the Camden BeeLine project?

We are inviting all schools in Camden to join us on this journey.

Who can join the BeeLine project?

Do you want to get involved? Are you ready to start making some wilder greener spaces that support wildlife, pump out oxygen, draw down carbon and look great? No space is too small to become a wilder, more nature-friendly green space.  All you need to get going is a tree, a flower bed, a window planter or a flower pot. Every school is welcome to join!

Start your BeeLine

Get in touch with us to start your BeeLine project. We will book in a visit of your school to view the space and talk about the opportunities.

What can I do to get started now?

Want to get started straight away while you wait for us to visit? Here are some resources and ideas to inspire you, as well as some guidance on where to look for funding.

Creative ideas:


It is really important that once you have joined the BeeLine you know who to maintain and look after your re-wilded space. Our Growth Page will help you with handy tips on how to plant and grow your wild space correctly and effectively.