Students and parents from Sarum School joined local residents and volunteers at the Hilgrove Connects Spring Clean in Swiss Cottage. The School had donated towards the purchase of 8 fruit trees. These become part of two orchards planted on the Hilgrove estate comprising 19 new fruit trees, and ten fruiting climbers. The trees include some well-known varieties of fruit like Gala Apples and also some more unusual fruit like Goji Berries and Medlars. All are making a valuable contribution to increasing biodiversity by providing blossom for pollinators and a home for nature. The new trees also become great carbon busters in a very urban area along a heavily polluted route in Camden.

Sarum has been wanting to support standard tree planting for a number of years but without space on their grounds has been looking to work with Camden on a public planting project. Students and local people got the chance to name the trees they planted which will be plotted on a map and later have a plaque attached. 

Sarum Hall School is also helping to grow the Camden Meadow by giving out wildflower seed packs to students. Great work, Sarum Hall!