The newly created ‘Save the planet group’ helped transplant patches of wildflower meadow to the school from a nearby ex-community space. Two apples trees were also donated and re-planted. Recycling and rewilding!

Even though CSG is a very urban school, the idea of planting patches of wildflower meadow is a brilliant one. A great example to other schools in Camden of how to utilise every available small space. “We are currently in the process of planting a Miyazaki style microforest between the school and Camden Road, to reduce noise and air pollution in the school, as well as increasing biodiversity and storing carbon. We have planted a wildflower meadow, donated by Think and Do Camden, and have ensured that there are plentiful piles of dead wood around the school grounds, as a further boost for wildlife. We have created a sustainability focused “Save the Planet Club” who are working towards earning the school an Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.”

The students at CSG planted sunflowers that they grew from seeds. Wildflowers, mini forests, new trees, and pollutions absorbing shrubs are just some of the new additions to the grounds this year.

Apart from encouraging biodiversity, the school SLT is interested in greening up and rewilding to help with pupil wellbeing. There’s nothing like the sight of an apple tree in blossom, or a rowan tree with autumn berries, to lift the spirits. The Camden School for Girls is also receiving Camden Forest fruit trees. Keep up the good work CSG!

Camden School for Girls headteacher Mrs Law with the patches of ‘recycled wildflower meadow’ moved from Highgate Road.

Look at this before and after photo of the school!