UCS Junior Branch will be planting a new mixed native hedgerow comprising 400 trees. The students will be actively engaged in doing the groundwork preparations and have selected suitable species including Willow as they would like to see the hedgerow woven in the coming years as it establishes. Camden Forest is supplying the trees.

Since their visit from Think and Do in May UCS has done lots. Their gardening club has cleared their patch of land and planted wild flower seeds. During summer some wooden stairs are being repaired so the boys can get to their back garden safely. They plan on planting more seeds, develop a pond in a donated bath tub and set up a work food composter over the next year!

On Friday, 13th of June, they celebrated World Bee Day with a whole school assembly. They have a trainee beekeeper on site, who gave a presentation on Bees and have a teacher with an M.Sc in Entomology who delivered a great presentation on other non-bee pollinators. Next year they are considering the possibility of an on-site bee hive.

Through their gardening club they have planted a wild flower meadow at the front of the school. Also they have some troughs and wildflower plant pots and have grown vegetables like peas, beans, carrots, and beetroot. They also sent these home with the children for them to plant in their own gardens at the end of the Summer Term.