Thank you to our Partners!

The Camden BeeLine project has been created by The Camden Clean Air Initiative and Think & Do Camden with the help other our fantastic partner organisations within the community. Read a little more about each partner below and how they are helping bring this project to life.

The Camden Clean Air Initiative

The Camden Clean Air Initiative is a not-for-profit action group aiming to reduce air pollution across the Borough of Camden. They work with households, workplaces, schools, and hospitality businesses across the Borough to provide resources and support on how to reduce air pollution. They also run a number of Borough-wide projects in partnership with the council and larger companies to create long-lasting impactful change. These range from installing air quality sensors around Camden, designing a Parklet prototype, collecting data on EV demand among taxi driving communities, leading campaigns on indoor air quality at schools, and working with secondary school students to build air quality sensors and run workshops to engage students with the data.

For more information on Camden Clean Air, their projects, and their upcoming events, head to their website or follow them on Instagram.

Think & Do Camden

Our Vision 

Create a community ecosystem that is resilient and responsive to climate and social injustice. Find and implement creative solutions to challenges identified at a community level and respond to them collectively.

Our Mission 

Think & Do will connect and activate the community through pop ups, events, exhibitions, webinars and projects designed, led and run by committed individuals. This will take place in partnership with Camden Council, residents, schools, businesses, and the whole community.

Camden council


Foodscape is a Camden-based urban farming start-up that creates subscription-based urban farms to address the needs of city dwellers to live and eat healthier and re-connect with nature, and provides a “green hub” for community engagement and education.  We grow vertically using traditional growing techniques, allowing us to maximise yields in non-arable, urban settings.

For more information on Foodscape head to their website or follow them on Instagram.


GrUbS work together to protect and extend urban nature by Greening Urban Spaces.

We support any and all local greening projects to get off (or into) the ground and/or, if the going gets tough, offer encouragement, advice and practical help to keep it going. GrUbS enlists new GrUbs, connects them with other GrUbS and provides information, skill-sharing and coaching. We’re volunteers, ready to get our boots (and hands) GrUb-by to help restore wildlife in our cities.

Transition Kentish Town

Transition Kentish Town is known around Camden for the community gardens it co-creates with residents and schools on a volunteering basis. Recent projects have included the Platform 1 cottage garden on Kentish Town overground station, the Listening Space at the Caversham Group Practice, the car park allotment at 19 Highgate Road, the football fruit trees at Acland Burghley, and the wildflower meadow on the Raglan estate NW5. 

Transition KT volunteers love nothing more than organising and co-hosting community dig days around Camden, helping rewild our wonderful borough and creating a trail of wellbeing.