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Welcome to the BeeLine ESCP Business School. They have been busy increasing biodiversity in many ways. Firstly, they have planted a selection of plants and shrubs that give pollinators a long season of nectar in the front garden, the courtyard and the car park area. In Autumn, Snowdrops and Crocuses are planted under the front trees to increase late season nectar. In addition, thirty two-litre Hidcote Lavender have been planted by the parking area. The pollen and nectar plants on site are:

  • Holly (May-Jun)
  • Cotoneaster (Jun)
  • Forsythia (Mar-Apr)
  • Lilac (Apr­Jun)
  • Borage (Jun-Sept)
  • Berberis (May- Jun)
  • Fuschia (Jun-Aug)
  • Helleborus (Dec- Apr)
  • Pansies (Sep-May)
  • Hydrangea (Aug- Oct)

They have also installed 6 bird boxes and 4 insect hotels placed in the front garden. They are made from wood and concrete to provide good insulation and protect from predators.

Great work!

Post Author: Georgina McGivern