Our mission is to create more green space and map existing green space in order to create pollinator pathways and spaces for nature, increase CO2 absorption and improve well being. We think that every outdoor space in London matters from window ledge pot of herbs to clumps of native wildflowers. These all link into a complex neighbourhood habitat network, providing an important part of the food chain and vital pollinator corridors. It’s easy and inexpensive to create a pollinator friendly area, offering habitat opportunities for everything from the smallest bug upwards and encouraging diversity even into the smallest space.


Think & Do, The Camden Clean Air Initiative and Camden Town Unlimited invite you to join the Camden Business Beeline and get your own dot on the Beeline Map.

There are grants of £300-500 available for Camden Town Unlimited/ Euston Town BID members to help kick start your rewilding intervention. This money would go towards procuring planters, soil, plants and other equipment.

The on going care of the plants and new green space is down to you, the business, we can provide watering schedule templates but getting your staff excited about joining the project and taking care of the plants will ensure their survival.

Get Involved

  1. Request a brochure today to learn more about the options available to your business
  2. Receive a consultation with the BeeLine team who will help guide you in the right direction
  3. Apply for the grant through our simple application form