This page is to help you learn how to grow and maintain your re-wilded space.

It is important that community groups, schools, businesses, and anyone who joins the BeeLine, know how to take care of their new green space. We have created this page to provide helpful advice and tips on caring for your re-wilded areas. Of course, if you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Advice on planting, staking, and caring for your Camden Forest fruit tree

The tree council has also created a helpful ‘Orchards for Schools Planning and Planting Guide’ that provides all the advice and support you will need on your journey from app(le)-ication to fruit-fillment! Read the Guide here.

Where can you sow your seeds

How to sow your seeds in a pot:  

How to sow your seeds in the ground:

Adopt a tree pit  

Tree pits are a great way to add some green space to an urban environment.

How to grow and care for your wildflowers  

It is important to learn about the best ways to grow and care for your wildflowers. Learn about the importance of wildflowers and how to look after them by following the link below.

Collect seeds for next year

When to cut your meadow 

Advice on not just growing your wildflower meadow but when to cut it is really crucial. Use the link below to learn more.