After a visit to Christopher Hatton around 6 months after the planting it was great to see many of the trees and plants flourishing. The school found that herbs haven’t done as well as they’d hoped but that’s okay – not everything is a success right away and the school are going to make sure to water over the next few months when it’s hot to try and revive them. Great work Christopher Hatton!


Christopher Hatton have worked hard to bring patches of green to the grey area around their school. They have a line of beautiful Silver Birch trees and  an area of fruit trees in the main school playground as well as a fantastic green wall which is a climber that hangs down from the rooftop above the reception area.  

Thanks to funding and volunteers from The Foundling Museum, we have worked to fill some new planters at the entrance of the school and in the nursery playground. The nursery playground planter is full of herbs to give the children a sensory experience and there is a space left for digging and planting vegetables. We can’t wait to watch the plants grow and establish in their new home. 

The Foundling Museum is passionate about working with the local community and this project was created with the aim of bringing planet and community positive ways of balancing their temporary exhibitions.

Christopher Hatton is also helping to grow the Camden Meadow by sowing wildflower seeds at the school.