A hedgerow made up of 200 whips will be planted this spring along the very busy Avenue Road side of the school. This will not only help combat pollution but provide a great community planting day, where pupils will be joining in with the digging. Time-lapse cameras are being used to record patterns and rates of growth through time. As different plant species have different growth rates, monitoring this can indicate what plants are best suited for projects such as hedgerow development. UCL academy will also monitor soil variables like moisture content to help explain growth rate variations. Also, air quality monitors are being introduced to measure levels of harmful particulates in local air. These trees and a future hedgerow should reduce air pollution and improve air quality! 

If you would like a hedge at your school, get in touch. Hedges are also really important as they create food and shelter for many wildlife species. They support a large diversity of flora and fauna.

UCL Academy is also helping to grow the Camden Meadow by sowing wildflower seeds at the school, AND has received a Camden Forest fruit tree.