Sheppard Robson is an ever-evolving collective of architects, interior designers and masterplanners. Together, our team of around 385 people design buildings, spaces and places that are people-centred and precision-made.

From our offices in London, Manchester and Glasgow, we work on various different scales and with a legacy of expertise that means we can engage with society’s most pressing issues. As sustainability leaders, we are committed to creating environmentally-conscious designs with an aim to rethink how people live, learn, work and play in synergy with nature. As part of this, we actively work to promote the voices of our local communities and those that our designs impact.

Not only do we practice these principles through our designs, but we also work to embed them in our business operations. At Sheppard Robson, we place people and the environment at the forefront of our company values by supporting local businesses and schools, participating in community-led projects, and pursuing opportunities wherever possible to protect and promote biodiversity in our neighbourhoods.  

As a part of a recent refurbishment of our Camden office, we took the opportunity to integrate more greenery into our surroundings. Currently, we have a honey locust tree planted in our front courtyard space, and a green wall and planting lining an additional courtyard outside our larger meeting rooms to the rear of the office. In addition, we incorporated two green roofs, the larger of which is full of wildflowers.