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In the Spring Term the allotment club and students from Green Impact Society made the first steps in creating the “Biodiversity Garden” by planting a row of tree ‘saplings’ to form the start of a diverse hedgerow.  Firstly, we gathered all the necessary tools, including a wheelbarrow full of sapling trees. We then laid out a strip of decomposable matting on top of the turned over mud, to keep pests like squirrels from digging in the roots and supressing competing weeds. After this, we cut small holes into the fabric with scissors, and dug a hole in the ground in each space we cut. This was the crucial part: placing the bushes in. Me and a boy from the entry (year 7) did some great work and planted 5 or 6 in just that afternoon! With everyone else getting stuck in throughout the week, we now have a wonderful line of bushes ready to bloom this spring! This is to encourage more animal species into our allotments and to have better wildlife conditions for all! Thank you very much needs to go to the Camden Beeline for helping us source the tree saplings and also TB+A who extremely generously funded these trees.

Teacher at UCS Senior School

Post Author: Georgina McGivern