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Camden Schools Receive Fruit Trees

We are delighted to announce that over the past month, 16 schools have received fruit trees as part of the Camden BeeLine. Fruit trees are a fantastic way for schools to get involved with the project as they are easy to maintain but bring beautiful results. We are excited to share some examples of schools that have received the trees and have planted them in creative and fun ways.

Footie Orchard at Acland Burghley

Acland Burghley planted apple trees on the football pitch creating a Footie orchard! The school planted the trees in recycled British plastic planters, plastic being a great choice as it is more durable than wood. A win for biodiversity and recycled plastic!

Teachers and Students Working Together at UCL Academy

It is great to see students and teachers coming together to plant the trees and help them grow. Pictured below is a group of students and teacher Kieva Mussington all getting their hands dirty!

Other Schools Getting Involved

  • Brecknock
  • Torriano
  • Fleet
  • Our Lady
  • St Michaels
  • St Mary’s
  • St Eugene
  • La Sainte Union
  • Camden School for girls
  • New End
  • Northbridge House
  • Brookfield
  • Regent High
  • Parliament Hill

Get in touch if you would like to receive a fruit tree and join the BeeLine!

Post Author: Georgina McGivern